Interview Confidence

Job interview confidence is about helping people to perform better at interview through developing their self confidence. Do you want to win that job offer?

Interview First Impression – You Must Get This Right Interview First Impression - Some say the first 15 seconds is the most important part of the interview; I’m not sure that it’s quite that quick, but it’s a fact that most of us naturally jump to conclusions based on our first impressions. Therefore your job Interview First Impression has [...]

How To Be Confident; if your looking for more than ways to boost your confidence at interview, this page is for you, as it considers proven techniques and strategies to boost your self confidence / self esteem in general. Personally I love video, so I have compiled a number of experts on the subject of [...]

How To Build Confidence Prior To Your Interview – It’s only natural to feel nervous before the interview, actually many entertainers feed of the nerves despite the fact that they might not really enjoy from the sensation. The message is don’t try to fight nerves, rather just relax and be go with the flow. You [...]

How To Be Confident For A Telephone Interview - If you don’t consider yourself to ultimately be great on the telephone, how will you develop the confidence to complete well on a phone interview? The next video provides 5 great telephone skills tips… To recap, speak slowly and clearly, stand up to improve the tone and [...]

Telephone interviews can be even more scary than face to face; given that you don’t get a chance to shake hands and use your physical charms (steady) to influence proceedings. So how to prepare for your phone interview… Another very helpful video from Brian Kruger, I particularly like the idea of sticking your resume to [...]

James Belcher talks about a typical problem that blights all of us every once in awhile, that sinking feeling that conveys that you’re not as confident as you may be. Job Interview Confidence is one thing everybody would like to master… Job Interview Confidence Practicing interview techniques is essential. Its advisable to possess a broad [...]