I Can Make You Confident: Book and CD by Paul Mckenna

I Can Make You Confident: The Power to Go for Anything You Want! - 

Paul Mckenna’s book and CD is a terrific combo, someone bought me both of Paul’s books, this confidence developing one, and his weight loss program, the name of which is currently escaping me.

Personally I love Paul Mckenna’s approach, calming, yet authoritative, and somehow entertaining, and combining a book with CD is perfect, though don’t listen to the CD in the car!

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I Can Make You Confident: The Power to Go for Anything You Want!

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  • Self Confidence.
  • Self-Steem.
In this breakthrough book and CD, Dr. McKenna demonstrates the latest techniques to stop fear and desperation and create massive amounts of confidence and self-belief instantly, whether it's mastering the fear of public speaking or feeling more self-assured in social, business, and romantic situations. Plus, the book contains a hypnosis CD that will fill your mind with positive thoughts and feelings, so you have Paul McKenna on tap 24 hours a day!

List Price: $ 22.95 Price: $ 9.00

I Can Make You Confident: Book And CD By Paul Mckenna – Whoose Paul Mckenna?

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For anyone not sure about who Paul Mckenna is the following a selection of videos featuring Paul.

This should give you a good idea of Paul’s style and how he might help you if you are considering his I Can Make You Confident: Book And CD By Paul Mckenna.

Promotional video of the popular Paul McKenna “I CAN MAKE YOU THIN” series

Watch Paul McKenna’s exclusive stress-busting masterclass for GMTV to help you feel more relaxed

Premiers Sunday, March 16th on TLC.

I use a plugin to help with content idea’s and as this category is about gaining self confidence it brought back ideas with variations of confidence in the title and content.

I felt I had to explain, because I would normally reject it’s ideas that don’t fit the perspective I had in mind, however the following film / auction from ebay is such a good film I decided to leave it in.

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Curtis Hanson – L.A. Confidential


Price: USD 9.99

Question by Sghengio: confident,…?
tell me guys how to be confident.

Best answer:

Answer by icon smile I Can Make You Confident: Book And CD By Paul Mckenna Lorelle
In order to be confident, you have to be comfortable about yourself (looks, personality) and the people around you. You will not be confident knowing people are judging you, or if you’re judging yourself.. You have to clear your mind and ignore the flaws of life that get in your way. that is how to be confident.


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February 24, 2012

cooleo @ 6:48 am #

if your afraid of ppl that won’t help in your life
always remember to live your life to the fullest if u live your life a coward (in general not u) then u won’t accomplish anything in life
think about that
its your life not anybody else’s
also that girl is right don’t judge yourself
god made everyone so its better to be happy about yourself
you should be lucky u were made into this world
u r a lucky kid

Jill T @ 7:46 am #

i know a lot of peopel will tell you that you have to be comfortable with youself and love the way you are and everything but from experience, i know tahts not easy to do. I’m usually confident when i’m around my friends because they like me for who I am and they don’t judge me about anything. I guess i feel good aorund them because i’m not a very strong person and i know my friends would stand up for me if they needed to which helps me feel a lot safer when i’m with them. Confidence is a hard thing to achieve most of the time. Just don’t give a c**p about what people say because ten years from now, the f*gs that made fun of you would probably end up jobless or whatever cuz you need to do what you need to do and you should live with no regrets (and thats hard to do, too). I hope that helped. I’ve had confidence problems before and i feel for you.

Kiwi K @ 8:16 am #

The best way to be confident is to stop focusing on your lack of it. Whenever you find that you are criticizing yourself, stop and instead focus on something else. Try to focus on your good qualities and find something that you are passionate about, whether it be sports, art, you-tubing, etc, and before long, you will be more comfortable with yourself.
It’s funny, but most confident people don’t even realize they are confident.

Rachel B @ 8:27 am #

Sometimes you just have to fake it. Sounds impossible, I know. But when other people believe it you will too eventually. Try it.
Also, I’d surround yourself with loud people! I know it seems silly but it worked for me. You can just hide behind their confidence. And also they stick up for you when someone pays you out.
Just be yourself, hun!

hearrtsss<333 @ 8:33 am #

dont think aobut all the bad stuff about urself; only think aobut all the good thinggs, dont worry everyones amazing in their own wayy u know? try to love ur self 4 who u r, and u cood always ask ur frends for stuff that is good aobut u, coz they r frends w/ u for who u r, and know that u have ppl that love u

lucy89 @ 9:31 am #

fake it. if you force yourself to feign confidence in social situations, people will believe you and REAL confidence will be soon to follow. Once you see the positive reactions of others to this new confidence, real, true confidence will find its way.

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